10 Makeup Tips To Try For Fall

You're probably well aware that fall is coming and with it a new look to try out! Are you ready to get busy trying on your new makeup items for fall this year? Let's find out what you should have!

1. Purple Smokey Eyes

Purple smoky eye makeup is a must-have for fall this season. These are going to be very popular and, truthfully, I think purple looks great with a smoky eyes! Don't forget the blacks, girls! You will love purple! Purple is a great color to bring out your green eyes!

2. Stained Lips

Stained lips is another makeup tip for fall! Are you familiar with the many stains available from CoverGirl or Maybelline? You girls should start to look at the stains and try a few different colors! A little gloss can be added to make your lips shine and stand out. Cherry red lips are my favourite. Which is your favorite color?

Find supple, light colors that match your natural lips. These formulas are hydrating, and provide full coverage for the lips. Benefits: High color fidelity is possible thanks to pigments that are dispersed in clear gelled structures. Shiny polymers provide perfect luminosity. A balanced color palette, from nude trench tones to Burberry reds.

3. Soft Cat Eyes

cat eyes face makeupLea Michelle is a big trend setter! She puts the soft cat eyes on the list! This makeup tip is perfect for fall and takes very little time.

This makeup tip for fall can be used at work or for a casual evening in the park.

This modern take on the classic cat-eye is beautiful.

The waterproof eyeliner pencil is long-lasting and has a unique formula that gives you intense color.

It's easy to define your eyes using a single stroke.

4. Dramatic Eyelashes

We'll be discussing dramatic eyelashes as the next makeup tip of fall. You can either get thick eyelashes, or add drama with falsies! Fall is all about dramatic eyelashes! You can use colorful mascara, or simply coat them in black. Go wild with your eyelashes!

Eye lashes that are truly outrageous. You can make unique, dramatic and funky eye statements. The designs include fun colors, polka dots, animal patters, and features. You can create extravagant looks with a variety of shapes and lengths.

5. Subtle Eyeshadow

Colorful eyeshadows are a subtle way to brighten your eyes. A light dusting with a bright eyeshadow can make your eyes pop and add some sparkle and shine to them. You can use lighter shades to diffuse the color.

6. Coppers

Coppers will be big this fall, and it doesn't matter what your eyes color is, you should incorporate copper into your makeup! A little bit of copper can give you that warm look. Copper looks great with all skin tones and eye colors, trust me!

7.Gold Eyeliner

It has been a hit on the runways since Cinna created the gold eyeliner for the Hunger Games. The gold eyeliner is a great makeup tip for fall! You can make your eyes pop by adding just a tiny bit of this eyeliner on your upper lid. It will look amazing no matter what eyeshadow color you use.

8. Soft Browns

Autumn is all about browns, oranges, and greens. Try some chocolate browns or espresso browns to make a statement! You can make your eyes pop by using either brownish-black mascara, or brown eyeliner. I love brown eyeshadow with violet mascara. It's great for green eyes.

9. Jewel Tones

You'll want to explore jewel tones and metallic makeup for fall. This trend isn't going anywhere soon, whether you opt for a metallic lipstick or a little bit of eyeshadow. What is your favorite jewel tone, girls? My favorite color is ruby.

10. Gunmetal Gray

This fall, girls, is all about ditching the black and finding something brighter or a little more unique. This is gunmetal grey! Gray smoky eye instead of black smoky looks Let me know what you think and try it!


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